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Metro provides solutions that are all about helping customers increase speed-to-market while reducing costs. Our team can configure a just-in-time program that keeps the supply chain focused on productivity. In addition, our warehouses keep needed stock readily available, supplying and storing sheets, web and digital substrates. 

Mike Duncan

President, Metro

Division Profile

Across the northeast United States, Metro is an essential supply chain partner for leading corporations and printers. We combine efficient brick-and-mortar warehousing with competitive sourcing and supply-chain management to help clients reach their market faster, with greater reliability. Our lean management structure and entrepreneurial culture mean that you get fast decisions and nimble, customer-focused solutions.

JP Gould Metro gives you the insight and expertise of professionals who’ve helped companies adapt and scale their logistics and inventory management to meet even the most demanding sales cycles. In addition, our team understands the impact of paper turnover on costs and cash flow.

A Focus on Smarter Supply Chain Management
Our supply chain experts can enhance your workflow with inventory solutions to handle any size job. Many of the clients that have partnered with us have found:

  • Significant increases in supply chain efficiency
  • Substantial decreases in inventory and printing expense
  • Virtual elimination of ad hoc print spending by local divisions

Competitive Advantages

Local Distribution
Have the stock you need delivered directly from our 200,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which holds 3,000 SKUs and more than 8,000 tons of paper and substrate.

Just-in-time Inventory Programs
Customize your program for regular shipments, as well as short press runs, seasonal printing and prototype printing.

On-premises Converting
Get professional folio sheeting, guillotine trimming, with custom sheet sizes up to 77″ x 110,” 27# opaque up to 50pt. board.


Sheets and web:

  • Opaque
  • Offset
  • Coated wood-free
  • Carbonless Rolls
  • Board–SBS
  • Coated board
  • Inkjet
  • Digital substrates

Our Leadership

Mike Duncan, President
Mike Duncan brings deep industry experience and insight in leading both OVOL USA’s National and Metro divisions. Across more than three decades, Mike has helped define many of the advancements in paper distribution and brokerage, innovating solutions that incorporate the capabilities of mills, technicians and specialists worldwide. He’s confident about the ability of National and Metro to continue to offer strong paper distribution value, as well as offer expertise in related fields. Outside the office, Mike is an avid football and baseball fan, coaching these sports for local youth leagues.

Contact Us

Metro: 1-800-672-7379


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